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Back in Bordeaux since March 2019.



Hey, I am Nicolas, 25-years-old french web developer, I own a master's degree in Software Engineering from the University of Bordeaux. Thanks to my degree, I have the essentials skills of a software developer : software architecture, programming and project managing. Aside from courses, I grew interest in web development where I learnt the main technologies by myself. I am able to design the full stack of a website, only my major strength is working around the server side.

After my end-of-studies internship of 6 months in London as a web developer in a major 3D printing industry company, another experience of 8 months as also a web developer in a small friendly software company in Bordeaux, I decided to earn more freedom by working as a freelancer.

To carry out my missions, I work in JavaScript or Python. Recently, I specialized myself in the designing of web scraping tools allowing to retrieve data or perform different actions on websites without API (using formerly PhantomJS, now Puppeteer). About my accomplished missions, I can quote Leboncoin, Linkedin or the Facebook Marketplace.


  • Web integration (Twig, Boostrap, Bulma)
  • Web application (ReactJS, AngularJS)


  • JS Server (NodeJS, ExpressJS, Socket.IO)
  • Python Server (aiohttp, uWSGI)
  • Database (MongoDB, MySQL)
  • Sysadmin (Apache, Ansible, Logstash)

Web scraping

  • PhantomJS/CasperJS
  • Google Puppeteer
  • Request/Cheerio


  • Other languages (C, Java, PHP, AutoIt)
  • Testing (Mocha/Chai, PHPUnit)
  • Building (Webpack)

Personal and freelance projects

Linkedin scraper Linkedin scraper
Freelance jobs watcher Freelance jobs watcher
Google Images scraper Google Images scraper
Personal web server Personal web server
File hosting platform File hosting platform
Movies library Movies library
Youtube video downloader Youtube video downloader

Ongoing works